Reiki is a Japanese word meaning "Universal Life-Force-Energy". The "Ki" part is the same word as Chi or Qi, the Chinese word for the energy which underlies everything. Reiki is a system for channeling that energy to someone for the purpose of healing. It was discovered by Dr. Usui in the late 1800's, a teacher or perhaps dean of a Christian school in Japan. Reiki is one of the more widely known forms of energy healing. Energy Healing involves direct application of Chi for the purpose of strengthening the clients energy system (aura). Chi is the term used by the Chinese mystics and martial artists for the underlying force the Universe is made of. Mystics in all cultures have talked about the physical universe being made of an underlying form of something, much as modern physics research is now coming to understand the Universe is made of energy which is subject to (or affected by) thought. Just as modern physics says this energy is affected by thought the mystics also say this underlying form is affected by thought, going so far as to claim we create our own reality from our thinking and the thoughts we share between each of us every day.

  • Crown 7th cakra - violet, white and gold too

  • Third eye 6th cakra - idigotic blue, yellow and violet too

  • Neck 5th cakra - light blue, silver and green-blue too

  • Heart 4th cakra - green, pink and gold too

  • Solar Plexus 3rd cakra - yellow, gold-yellow

  • Sacrum 2nd cakra - orange

  • Root 1st cakra - flame red

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