Do you ask - what good is it for - this massage? This word is derived from the Greek word "massein". The masseur can stimulate some parts of the human body like muscles, necks, joints and tendons by means of the rubbing emulsions or essential oils. In connection with this it uses plentiful quantity of masseur touches and each of them has its own signification. This shows that any machine, any masseur's armchair or couch cannot fully substitute the masseur's work. Only masseur's hands can feel sensitively and respond to the individual differences, current condition and requirements of every person. Under the masseur's supervision, the massage can be not only very pleasing but also very healthy. By the corneous cells clearance on the skin surface there can be improvement of the "cell breathing" and washing of the metabolism waste products (carbon dioxide, lactic acid). The repair of the blood circulation has also influence on the whole organism, from a brain to a kidney. By this massage, the energy centres are relaxed. Their blocking can cause the gradual joint failing and also the beginning of degenerative changes. The massage has also influence on the psyche of the human being and gives relaxing after a hard day. At the same time these skin structures, which are not quite in the ideal condition, are disrupted. The organism is forced to intensify its repair actions and the body carries out some kind of the "general clearing". By the repeated massage applications the organism is cleared, the skin is also in better condition and some uneasiness gradually fades away.  

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