Champi massage

Champi is the original Ayurvedic art of Indian head massage. The distinction between champi and other forms of Indian head massage as it is practiced today, is that champi is performed using oils. Both base and essential oils are used and are chosen for their specific benefit to the hair, scalp and face.

Champi is a massage treatment focused on the upper back and arms, the shoulders, head, neck and face. Champi is performed while seated comfortably upright in a chair. It's focus on the body area's where stress and tension commonly gather is why champi has become so popular.

Champi works on the physical, mental and subtle levels. True to the original Ayurvedic practice, we include work on the chakra's and the marma points during a champi treatment. True champi traditionally finishes with oiling of the hair and Sunflower Studios offers this as an extra treatment at the end of the massage.


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