The Dorn method

The Dorn Method is an alternative therapy described as a holistic, gentle, effective, non-manipulative and safe way to correct misalignments of the spinal column and other joints. In its theoretical approach, it is somewhat related to chiropractic and osteopathy, although it is different in its practical application. It is considered useful for complaints such as back pain, neck and joint pains, sciatica, scoliosis, migraine and hip problems. Origins

This therapy method was developed in the 1970s by Dieter Dorn, a farmer and sawmill owner in Germany. He damaged his lower back in an accident and went to visit a village healer. After a few legs swings and gentle pushes he felt great relief and found he could stand straight again. Dieter Dorn then combined principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern anatomy and physiology to develop a method of healing through alignment of the spine. He decided not to patent this method of treatment to ensure its free availability to all those who needed it.

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